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          Wizard Kings

           a game by 

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears

       Made at TOJam 15!



Wizards Kings is a two-player, turn based strategy 

game where you go to war with a rival wizardom.

Each turn, assign work to increase your economy,

use your economy to increase production, or use

it to increase your spellcraft.  Then with your

production and spellcraft, create units to send

to the enemy during the raise phase.

There are three fields.  During the orders phase

you can click to select a unit you control and then

click a neighboring field to send it there.  If

there is an enemy on that field, units next to each

other will fight during the combat phase.  A unit

on a field can move itself to the right end of the

line by clicking the right end of the field when

it's selected.

Combat is determined by the unit numbers: attack,

health, and reach.  During combat, the unit with

the highest reach attacks first and reduces the 

hp of the other by the amount of attack points.  

Then, the reach number is reduced and that unit

attacks again.  If the reach number is the same,

then both units attack.  This continues until the

reach number is at zero, or one (or both) units

are defeated.  So a unit with reach 3 against 

a unit with reach 1 will attack twice (reach values

3 and 2), and then both units will attack each other

for the next reach numbers of 1 and 0.

When you have your units in your opponents field,

then if there are no enemy units there then you will

attack.  If there are 1 or 2 units attacking, then 

they will remove some production from the enemy.  If

there are three or more units there, then they will

attack the walls with their combined attack values.


The first player to reduce the opponents walls to 0


The Controls:

    Mouse: Click on buttons and units

    Space: Skip to next phase (if not the assign phase)

    Escape: Deselect unit

Change Log:

1.0: Original Jam Version, May 16th, 2021


WizardKings.zip 15 MB

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